Day 174 (21 December 2010) – King Louis XV

Pictured in the upper right of this photo is King Louis XV of France. To his right is his wife, Queen Marie Leszczynska. Standing below the royal couple are their granddaughters, who for our purposes we will identify as Chloe, Perrin and Ella, as visible from left to right. Not pictured are the King & Queen’s adoring daughters and humble sons-in-law.

King Louis XV is proud of his staircase, hence today’s staged photo. The world may be familiar with his furniture, which according to this website is well-known for its ability to showcase beautiful women. It featured curves and was designed for the comfort of women. Given this photo, I’d say old Louis isn’t doing too bad with showing off beautiful women on his staircase, either.

That’s some life you lead, Louis.

Louis and the rest of his family will be leaving Paris tomorrow and heading to Nantes. We can only assume that further opportunities to photograph Louis in the presence of beautiful women will present themselves, so expect this site to be featuring those in the upcoming days.

Your thoughts?

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