Day 175 (22 December 2010) – Perrin, Meet Line 2

So we made it home to Nantes just a couple of hours ago and guess what? We took people out to Leclerc for a full Andy & Melinda grocery store experience, that’s what. This involved pulling our caddies through the rain to Line 2 of the tram. We boarded at our home stop just as the rain turned to snow. Chloe and Perrin sat across from each other and I turned around to snap this picture of 4 year-old Perrin looking out the window of the tram at the snow. Moments later we got off at Leclerc and had that crazy full-blown shopping experience that only Leclerc can provide. Brenda, Greg and Michele came along, too, of course, and were fairly impressed by the experience, I think. This involved the caddies, like I said, the shopping cart tokens, and the self-scanner. Oh, life’s little pleasures. I’ll tell you, if you can get joy from showing off a self-scanning device to visiting relatives you’ll never be unhappy. Life is full of these little treasures, right? Another is happening as I write. Chloe and Perrin just walked by, giddy because the snow is actually STICKING right now. It’s so pretty. We’re at least having a momentary white pre-Christmas in Nantes. And the presence of family is certainly a good present. Another one? Greg is making dinner.

Your thoughts?

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