Day 189 (5 January 2011) – 6 Months Ago…

Six months ago today our plane touched down in Nantes, meaning we have reached the halfway point of the sabbatical. I won’t bore you with the details related to us staying on three more weeks in July this year. I’ll just say that it involves airlines and round trip tickets and PSCS and our lives moving forward and…

Six months ago tomorrow, Romain gave us our first tour of Nantes, referenced on this early blog entry. Ah, we were such Nantes newbies then. To mark the occasion of six months in France, the four of us returned to the scene of our lunch with Romain, captured both in text and in print at that linked blog entry. In July we ate outside, wore shorts and flip flops, were feeling jetlagged, and otherwise required the presence of our guide and translator. Today we ate inside near a roaring fire, wore coats and scarves, were wide-awake, and managed just fine, thank you, with the menu and ordering. Following Ella’s July cue, Melinda and I joined her today in ordering a dish that comes with meat one cooks at the table. Ella and Melinda had both steak and chicken. Me, having become a bit of a fan of it, ordered duck. On the near stone in this photo is my duck and on the far stone is Ella cooking a piece of chicken.

As we rode the tram to town today we commented on how familiar everything is to us and how different that feels compared to our first day in town. See, you CAN teach a couple of old dogs, and a couple of younger ones, for that matter, new tricks.

One thought on “Day 189 (5 January 2011) – 6 Months Ago…

  1. Hey! We just had a meal like this in Motueka, New Zealand! We were on our three-week holiday there, with my friend Joanna and her kids (for most of it), and we decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a real meal out, in an actual restaurant, instead of getting takeaway or rustling something up in our holiday park motel kitchen.

    Niall and I both ordered meat-on-a-hot-stone, which at this place came with individual hot stones for each person. Niall’s was called “Mad Cow” – the kid version of the steak-on-hot-stone dish, which came with the caveat that it was for kids 10 and up (Niall was so pleased he had just turned 10 :D) and that parental supervision was required. It was delicious (mine too – I got a steak and seafood combo).

    And now Niall can’t wait to go back to school and tell his class that we went out to eat at a nice restaurant…and they made us cook our own food! LOL

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