Day 193 (9 January 2011) – A Tale of Two Cities

Today was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

City #1: Bordeaux
Melinda and Chloe left this morning by train for 4 days in the city of Bordeaux. Chloe doesn’t start back up at school for another couple of weeks, thus presenting the opportunity to do a little traveling. Melinda did some serious online research, one of her specialties, to find the best deal, both in the cost of the train travel and in accommodations in Bordeaux. I just received via email today’s photo. From the look of things, they seem to be managing just fine.

City #2: Nantes
Ella and I are both here at home in Nantes and, as it turns out, are both quite sick. I’ve been feeling so crummy today that I wasn’t sure I’d have it in me to post. In fact, I’m writing from bed, propped up on several pillows, having just awakened from an evening nap. Ella has also been under various covers herself all day, dozing and watching television. We’ve already determined that she won’t be going to school tomorrow and that I won’t be providing Monday’s English lessons. From the feeling of things here, we are doing our best to manage (dinner tonight was a couple of fruit smoothies, for instance).

My apologies to Charles Dickens….

2 thoughts on “Day 193 (9 January 2011) – A Tale of Two Cities

  1. By being out of town, hopefully, Chloe and Melinda will avoid whatever has felled you and Ella. I’m sending some online hot chicken broth to rally you.

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