Day 194 (10 January 2011) – Great Expectations

More apologies to Master Dickens…. If I had it in me I’d try to make some kind of Pip reference. I’m just not feeling that pippy, I guess.

Regarding my great expectations, I had such fine plans of things to do, what with Melinda and Chloe gone for a few days and with Ella at school. But then Ella and I get knocked out of commission with a nasty flu (or something), and my best laid plans were put to rest. Instead, I’ve been alternating between dozing, watching some TV, reading, and otherwise being distracted from those three things by the more unpleasant effects of having the flu. Ella is feeling a little better but is still not well.

Meanwhile, from what we can tell, Melinda and Chloe are having a fine time in Bordeaux. From the looks of this picture, it was sunny there today. Nice. And they are reporting that they feel fine. It’s far better that they are away right now. No need to be living in a sick ward when you can be traveling in France.

Last word is one of thanks to Christine who dropped by a baguette an hour ago and is bringing some soup later. I am so touched by the realization that we have such good friends in France.

One thought on “Day 194 (10 January 2011) – Great Expectations

  1. At least you can reasonably have “Great Expectations” for feeling a little better each of the next couple of days. Thankfully unlike Pip, you are not living with an EstElla, which might really be bad news!!

    Hope you both feel better soon. 😀 Linda

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