Day 203 (19 January 2011) – Walking

After Ella got home from school, which was about 12:30, Melinda, Ella & I took off for a lunch out. There is an Italian restaurant, Pizzeria Pinocchio, that we heard has the best Italian food in town and we wanted to check it out. We had tried to go there one night a couple of weeks ago and were turned away. Apparently, they are so busy that the only way you get a table is to have made a reservation. We arrived at the tail end of lunch and Ella, no surprise, had a pizza. It was delicious. I ordered pasta and Melinda had a salad. All very good.

After lunch we split up. To be blunt, Melinda and Ella wanted to go do some shopping and I didn’t. Instead, I went for a long walk but with a specific purpose in mind. I wanted to make a deposit at our French bank. To get to the branch where we’ve made in-person deposits in the past I walked up the street in today’s photo and saw the huge cathedral in Nantes bathed in sunlight. I stopped to take this picture before continuing on my walk.

The downside was discovering that our favorite bank branch has been closed. So I continued my sunlight adventure by taking a couple of buses and Line 1 of the tram to get to another branch and then back home. It reminded me of my excursions last summer when we first moved in. With a Vonnegut book in my pocket, my Tan pass and the sun, I’m in good company.

Your thoughts?

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