Day 204 (20 January 2011) – Knitting on the Tram

Melinda and I just got back from a little afternoon excursion. We try to get out of the house and do something together every day, even if it’s just a trip to the grocery store. That may sound quaint or obvious, but it’s an important part of our sabbatical. What it lends itself to us doing is having some good conversations. Melinda is quite intelligent and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. For instance, we were comparing our hand size today. Ours, both the rights and the lefts, are pretty much the same size, mine being quite small, like my maternal grandfather’s. Anyway, looking at me a little sideways and with raised eyebrows, Melinda said, “You know what they say. ‘Small hands…'” And there she paused for effect before delivering the laugh-out-loud line with an affirmative nod, “Small gloves.” Trust me. It was funny.

So what got us on the subject of our hands had to do with hers being cold and me trying to warm them. Our excursion today was to head to the river to see if we could watch Ella’s rowing class. When we got to the rowing club, the students were nowhere to be found. But the sun had gone behind a cloud and the wind along the river had whipped up, making all of Melinda, not just her hands, cold. So rather than waiting to see if the students would appear, we explored a nearby neighborhood on foot on our way back to the tram.

Speaking of the tram, today’s title is referring to Melinda’s latest adventure, knitting! And she has found that riding the tram affords her the perfect opportunity to knit. I think our neighbors are all getting a further chuckle out of this. Not only do we go to the grocery store with our caddies, now Melinda is knitting on the tram. What’s next? Walking canes?

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