Day 208 (24 January 2011) – Ligne de Confidentialite

So this photo is actually a few weeks old. I took it the last time I went with Melinda to Ikea and it’s part of a stash of pictures I keep in the event I didn’t get something I wanted to post on the blog on a given day. So I admit to reaching into my stash to get this picture. Deal with it.

That’s not to say that this photo isn’t a good one. It’s a picture of a line painted on the floor in the customer service center at Ikea. You are supposed to stay behind it while the person ahead of you is talking to a customer service representative. We certainly don’t want anyone eavesdropping in about the Ikea plates you are trying to return or your explanation that you somehow bought three packages of wooden spoons when you only wanted two. As is painted on the floor, “Thank you for respecting the privacy line.”

This got me thinking where else there should be privacy lines. Certainly, when using a urinal in a public bathroom (come to think of it, that should be an oval of privacy). When buying underwear at a department store, for sure. Perhaps when buying personal care products in the drugstore. It may be going too far to request a privacy line when buying toilet paper at the grocery store, though.

Your thoughts?

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