Day 209 (25 January 2011) – Connections

Melinda and I had our daytime Tuesday date today and decided to head out on the bus to the town of Carquefou. Carquefou is northeast of Nantes and it took us about 50 minutes to get there, counting from the moment we left home until we got off the second of our two buses. I’m not exactly sure how to pronounce Carquefou, although I think I have a pretty good idea. To give you an idea, I think Mr. T would say it something like, “I pity the Car – Keh – FOO!”

I took this picture of Melinda and me soon after our arrival and as we were wandering around looking for a lunch spot. The sun was high in the sky and it was quite beautiful, albeit a little chilly. We settled on a cute little crêperie and were pleased with the meal, especially the salted caramel crêpes we had for dessert. Yum! After lunch, we decided to head back home and get in some grocery shopping. The timing of the ride back was amazing. We caught our first bus just outside of town and then hopped off at our transfer spot just as our next bus was arriving. We decided to come back a different way, one involving our beloved Ligne 2 of the tram. Just as we got to that transfer spot, the tram was arriving. All in all, we got back home in about 40 minutes, the timing being so good.

On the subject of connections, in one of her classes at school today Ella and her classmates began watching the movie “Twilight” in English. This class is by far her most laid-back and is presented in English, thereby providing the French students more practice. They’d been reading about vampires and the teacher thought “Twilight” would be a fun complement. Imagine Ella’s delight. She said one of the other kids picked up on the fact that the movie is set in Washington State and gave her a glance. I think the only thing that would have given her more clout in that class today is if she herself was a vampire!

2 thoughts on “Day 209 (25 January 2011) – Connections

  1. Totally irrelevant to your post for the day, perhaps… after having posting for our class early this week, just today I have realized why I enjoy reading your daily posts so much.

    You are obviously having a really good time in France. You are deepening your interactions with your family (including extended ones with family who have visited you)and you are forming new friendships while you are there. Deepening old circles of trust and forming new ones….

    I surmise that you are generally an upbeat person, but your posts are filled with humor and the joy of new adventures and that is a very appealing mix. Thank you for making it possible to share in your experiences and your joie d’vivre. Hope I spelled it right. My French is only fifty years old!! Your friend, Linda

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