Day 211 (27 January 2011) – Walking Home

This picture was taken just a few minutes ago as Ella and I were walking home after her school day. She gets out at 5:10 on most days, including Thursdays, and my schedule allows me to meet her at the school gate. We considered whether to ride the tram home or walk. Ella wanted to walk, although I admit to having been willing to take the tram. It’s very cold today, with a significant wind blowing. It’s the kind of wind that cuts right through you. We were just entering the park next to the Hippodrome when I took this picture, about a third of the way home. Surrounded by trees, the wind wasn’t so bad here, thank goodness.

On the walk, Ella told me about parts of her day. Her “relaxed” class continued to watch the movie “Twilight.” She had a hamburger, something resembling french fries, and a chocolate cream something-or-other for lunch. It was very cold on the water for her rowing, so much so that when a friend’s hands got cold the teacher suggested putting them in the river to warm them. At the rowing club one of the instructors couldn’t remember Ella’s name and just called her “Washington,” a reference to the University of Washington sweatshirt she was wearing.

In a class tomorrow Ella will be reading “The Little Prince.” We picked up a copy in French and another in English so she is well-prepared. Add in that she was in a class at PSCS last year in which the French version was read out loud and then explained in English, she is feeling even more ready. Thanks, Judy!

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