Day 212 (28 January 2011) – About Lawyers & Avocados

So here’s Ella, seconds after having taken over the cooking duties from me. She’s sautéing some meatballs with onions, in preparation for the lentils and rice that are about to be added. Such was tonight’s main dinner course, complemented with our favorite baguette (and butter), sliced avocado and a salad.

On the subject of avocado, the word in French is avocat. Interestingly enough, avocat is also French for lawyer. There are no single or double s’s to trip me up, and no r’s for me to roll over. Still, if I’m at the grocery store in France and ask for an avocado, I’m likely going to get some legal advice. And man, there must be some great French jokes about this. I tried translating one from English but it just doesn’t seem to be working. What do you think?

What’s the difference between a good avocado and a great avocado?
A good avocado knows the law. A great avocado knows the judge.

See what I mean?

Ah, anyway… Ella and I made the dinner, and Laura, whose English lesson had just finished, stayed. Chloe is babysitting so we saw it as a kind of trade. I’m not going to say who got the best end of that deal as doing so may incriminate me. And we ate all the lawyers in the house with our dinner.

Your thoughts?

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