Day 214 (30 January 2011) – Digital Housecleaning

I have upwards of 40,000 items in my iTunes Library, a crazy amount, I know. Just before leaving for France I started organizing this massive amount of digital information, beginning with getting everything moved over to an easy-to-transport external hard drive. I brought it all with me, both because I love having access to my audio library and because I had designs on getting it super-organized while on sabbatical. And beginning in late November, that’s what I started doing. I am proud to announce that as of this afternoon, after literally spending all day on the task, I finished organizing my thousands of songs. I feel like someone has come along and taken some weight from me, so wonderful does it feel to have my library organized. It has me inspired to organize all my other “collections” once we are back in Seattle.

This is not to say I’ve finished organizing my iTunes library. I just have the music files organized. I also have quite a bit of educational material, from books on tape to audio lectures and the like. I also have a collection of old time radio programs and stories still to organize. But the bulk of it has been my chaotic music files, which included hundreds of duplicate songs which have been purged from the library.

For those of you who know me and like statistics, here are some interesting numbers. Searching the following names yields the following number of unique items in my iTunes library:
Elvis Costello – 1322
Tom Waits – 1439
Kurt Vonnegut – 203
Air Supply – 0

Sounds about right…

3 thoughts on “Day 214 (30 January 2011) – Digital Housecleaning

  1. Congratulations! I really understand the need to organize…. Tom Waits!!! One of my favorites! I am not up-to-date with I-tunes, but I have several of his albums!

  2. Tom Waits definitely can us some organizing, but I’d also recommend making a backup NOW! Maybe a 2nd big drive for $50-$100 would be worth the investment. Portable drives take abuse.

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