Day 215 (31 January 2011) – Alice

Now some of you are likely saying “Alice,” like the housekeeper on the Brady Bunch. But this beautiful young French girl is not Alice. She is Alice! If you haven’t figured this out yet, in French you pronounce her name like this – A Lease!

So here’s the deal. A Lease comes to our house every Monday afternoon at 5:30 to eat Pain au Chocolat and drink hot chocolate. What a great situation for Melinda and me. We have a wonderful French girl coming over to eat at our house. In exchange for her presence, we not only provide the food and beverage, we encourage her to speak English while kind of forcing her to listen to the two of us speak English. A Lease doesn’t seem to mind having to put up with us. Today I used the blog as a conversation starter. We reviewed several of the entries, starting with my favorite bakery post from July. You see, A Lease lives near that bakery. She does not have any clues as to the whereabouts of my baker-woman. I still think she is looking for me in other parts of the world.

Chloe arrived in the midst of this blog review and felt sorry for A Lease. She has had to put up with Melinda and me speaking English to her for nearly 18 years so her having empathy makes sense.

Your thoughts?

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