Day 216 (1 February 2011) – Hungry for Meat?

Melinda and I stopped in at the giant grocery store Leclerc, the one on the other side of town from where we live. It’s bigger than “our” Leclerc at the end of Line 2. Walking to the back of the store I was captivated by the meat department and especially the retro look of these round signs promoting the different meats one can buy. Perhaps most intriguing to Americans is the easy availability of horse meat (cheval). I tried some last August and it pretty much tasted like a lean cut of beef, at least the piece I tried. The rest of the family refuses to try it, along with rabbit. Me, I’m pretty much willing to try anything.

Another interesting meat item, of course, is steak tartare (raw beef). I’ve had this a couple of times in restaurants and loved it each time. What a surprise it was when I discovered I could buy steak tartare at Leclerc. It comes in a foil package with a seasoning packet. I add finely sliced onion and cornichons (small pickles). I last had it in December when Melinda’s family was visiting. Although I made it available to everyone, only Greg and I ate it. I find it delicious. Perhaps it’s my Nebraskan roots.

On a separate subject, Chloe just shared with me a link to a music video directed by one of our PSCS graduates, Jostin Darlington. We are very proud of him and want to share the joy. Check out the video at this link. And speaking of PSCS, the school just launched an updated version of its website. Look how productive the rest of the staff can be with Melinda and me gone!

2 thoughts on “Day 216 (1 February 2011) – Hungry for Meat?

  1. Why is it so many people I can relate to are from the midwest? Nebraska is very close to Indiana where I was born and raised. AND we not only ate rabbits when I was young, our dad and my brother shot and cleaned them for us to cook.

  2. Horse? I never had, but had something mysterious in Tanzania nearly 25 years ago.
    But Rabbit is fine stuff. I’m always ordering meats at restaurants which I don’t usually get at home and I just had Steak Tartare last weekend. Yum!

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