Day 224 (9 February 2011) – A Very Small Man

A couple of days ago I made a comment about wanting to rename our tram stop. It’s called “Bourgeonnière,” a reference to housing made available for students attending the University of Nantes. I find it difficult to say and have started a campaign to rename it “Petit Homme.” In that post, which you can read here, I offered to award 10 points to anyone who could figure out why I want the stop named “Petit Homme.”

Well, I am pleased to say that the 10 points go to my kindness class friend Linda Taylor! Truth be told, as far as I know she’s the only one who played and I really don’t know what she can do with these points. But she did respond and ultimately figured it out. You can see our exchange in the comments section of last week’s post. In that exchange, we got to the point where I said that had Melinda and I had a boy I wanted to name him Avery. Linda’s response was to sympathize with Melinda. I suppose I should either take her 10 points away for that, or award her a thousand more…

Anyway, today while Melinda, Ella and I were walking along the tram line in the center of town, having just finished lunch at Black or White, I spotted this word painted on a railing. We were hustling to catch the tram but I couldn’t resist pulling out my camera to snap today’s photo. What a coincidence! What does it mean? Have a very nice day?

This one’s for you, Linda. It’s worth at least 10 points.

P.S. – I also suggested Isabella for a girl, but considering we gave Chloe & Ella Melinda’s last name, it wouldn’t have been quite as much fun…

2 thoughts on “Day 224 (9 February 2011) – A Very Small Man

  1. I used to have a colleague, who fancied himself quite the French speaker, who always called me “Pettit Homme”. I always responded by calling him something not appropriate for this blog

  2. Clearly this was one of those serendipitious events that means you HAVE to go back to the railing and find more information. Perhaps it is the lair of an elf king, which was the original meaning of Avery! On the other hand it might be the location of a lovely little cafe along the river where the boats were tied up. Obviously you are not meant to leave this alone! Go forth young man!! And of course IF you find that there is some significance in your sighting of Avery, I will expect 1,000 points for insisting that you not just ignore this sign!

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