Day 225 (10 February 2011) – Extreme Close-up

Chloe told me last night that my blog posts are getting boring. We were at the time watching the France-Brazil soccer game on TV , which was exciting, so the contrast might have been part of her evaluation (btw, France won 1-0). She went on to tell me that part of the problem is the lack of head shots in recent posts. So today I decided I’d take a look and see if I agreed with her. She may have a point. Really, though, I think it has to do with the lack of pictures featuring Chloe. You have to go back 15 days to find one of those.

You see, Chloe has been very busy lately. School started back up and she’s really tried to increase her babysitting hours, trying as she is to save some money for college (in September she starts at the coolest sounding university, Quest University in Canada, just outside of Vancouver). It’s a bit expensive and despite having been granted a nice scholarship, she has some work to do to make up the difference, hence the taking on of more work.

For instance, she got a call a couple of nights ago from one of Ella’s teachers, Madame Lalaude, who had heard Chloe does babysitting. Madame Lalaude has two preschool aged children and ended up in a pinch today. She hoped to find someone from 7:45-4 but was happy when Chloe said she could watch the kids until just after noon. This made for a busy day for Chloe, who followed those 5 hours of babysitting with an afternoon class and is right now in the midst of giving her 90 minute English lesson to a 10 year-old (who, incidentally, loves hockey – last week Chloe had him write a little report on his favorite player, Sidney Crosby).

What this all has to do with an extreme close-up of Ella and Melinda, I’m not sure, other than I’m hoping it counts for an interesting photo in Chloe’s eyes.

One thought on “Day 225 (10 February 2011) – Extreme Close-up

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