Day 228 (13 February 2011) – Volleyball in Nantes!

Our incredible weather of the last two days gave way to rain today, certainly making us feel right at “home.” You know, like Washingtonians. No matter, though. We weren’t planning any big outdoor excursions (other than a short trip for some exercise at the Hippodrome that Melinda and I took this morning, only to find an equestrian event taking place that involved children, young adults, ponies, horses and even miniature horses – very fun!). No, the big event of the day was watching Manon play volleyball! Her team, currently in third, was playing the league’s top team.

Laurent picked up Melinda, Chloe and me at about 3:45 (Ella stayed home to make Valentine’s Day sugar cookies for her class). We met Frédérique at the match and later were joined by Annabelle and, for a short time, Joël, Manon’s grandfather. Today’s photo was taken late in the match during the fifth game, the deciding game in the best of five. That’s Manon, second from the left in yellow, a blurry ball above her head (let me just say that she has a wicked serve and a strong smash). Unfortunately, though, after rallying to take the fourth game they could not sustain their momentum and lost this one and therefore the match. But it was all extremely entertaining for us.

I chose this picture in order to include the referee, the man standing on the riser next to the net. We all got a kick out of his hand signals and certain aspects of the formality of the match that he enforced. Laurent and I got a little silly at times trying to anticipate certain gestures. Also of note was this cute little girl toddler who may have been the most attractive cheerleader I’ve ever seen. Oblivious to the game, she was adorable running up and down in front of the bleachers, the perfect between volleys form of entertainment Maybe the professional sports leagues in the United States should hire toddlers for sideline entertainment purposes…

One thought on “Day 228 (13 February 2011) – Volleyball in Nantes!

  1. Great way to spend a rainy afternoon! And…you reminded me that since we didn’t get to make Xmas cookies this year (because we were travelling down under :-), I really wanted to make valentine’s cookies. I’ve got the butter softening as we speak! Hope we’ll get to see pix of Ella’s when they’re done.

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