Day 227 (12 February 2011) – Saturday Summary

Oh, I can feel spring coming! Despite waking this morning to wet ground and a slight drizzle, the cloud cover burned off and we had another beautiful day. Not nearly as warm as yesterday, the high being in the low 50’s, it was still wonderful. For a summary of what we did on this lovely day, I’m providing these notes:

– Other than taking the water taxi to cross the Erdre, Melinda & I walked to a branch of our bank at the Rond Point de Paris, almost 3 miles from our house. We needed to order more checks and send a deposit to Paris for an apartment we will be staying at as part of Chloe’s 18th birthday celebration.

– Today’s photo was taken at the large farmer’s market in Nantes called the Marché de Talensac. We stopped there to pick up fresh ingredients for tonight’s tofu/vegie stir-fry dinner.

– Chloe and Ella took off on their own to go shopping in town. They came back with a new spring jacket for Chloe and a pair of sunglasses for Ella that make her look like a state trooper. “Please take your license out of your wallet, sir.”

– I walked over to the Hippodrome with 13 year-old neighbor Théo in order to throw a Frisbee, which we did, coupled with watching part of a rugby game, for about an hour.

– Melinda helped Christine, Théo’s mom, with a dress. I’m not sure what the right verb is. Adjust? Take in? Hem? Whatever it is, it involved a sewing machine.

– And the Boudeaus (minus Manon who already had plans) are due to arrive in less than an hour for dinner, meaning the day still has much fun in store!

Your thoughts?

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