Day 230 (15 February 2011) – Facelift

I’m trying to imagine what you may have thought had you only seen the title of this post without quick access to today’s photo. Perhaps you’d think I went for one of those crazy Groupon packages, the kind that promise some kind of life-enhancing body makeover. Alas, no. I’m referring to the ongoing construction to the front of our neighborhood grocery store, the U Express.

I took this photo no more than 30 minutes ago, excited as we all are by what appears to be the start of a fancy new entrance to the store. Melinda has imagined several different possibilities since seeing a group of workers take measurements several months ago. They must have decided to wait until the worst of the winter weather was behind us before beginning the construction, which has been going on for about two weeks now. At first we wondered if the project was just some kind of new drainage system. Then we began to wonder if it might just be some kind of enclosure for the grocery carts. Yesterday they removed some of the facade above the entrance, revealing evidence that this at one time may have been a Leclerc. What a revelation! Our cute neighborhood grocery is no more than 1/10th the size of a Leclerc. It must have been drummed out of the Leclerc fraternity for wimpiness.

All the same, it is our U Express and we are fond of it. We are pleased to see it get a facelift/makeover. Today’s progress involved the white pillars being put in place in front of the doors. Quite elegant!

Your thoughts?

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