Day 231 (16 February 2011) – Jardin des Plantes

The Jardin des Plantes in Nantes is one of my favorite places in the city. It was established in 1806 (what present-day thing in Seattle was established in 1806 – nothing!**) and is both huge and beautiful. It includes a wide variety of plants, beautiful walking trails, much wildlife, both ponds and streams, great benches for sitting, a children’s play area… Its main entrance is located across the street from the train station but the park is so large that we can access it at its other end not far from the Burger House (to use a Smallman/Shaw landmark).

I took this photo a week ago as Ella, Melinda and I were walking through the park after running an errand at the train station. Ella spotted this magnolia with this incredible heart-shaped moss and suggested I use it for my Valentine’s Day blog photo. I planned to until she up and made Valentine’s Day cookies for her class. Returning to the subject of magnolias, apparently there is one in the park that dates back to the park’s beginnings. What that tree could tell.

I plan to regularly visit the park in the spring with a book in hand. Another dose of sabbatical heaven.

** My apologies to the native people who inhabited the area now known as Seattle.

6 thoughts on “Day 231 (16 February 2011) – Jardin des Plantes

  1. Here is a question for you—why after she “ups” does Ella make cookies when after he “ups” Mr. Bojangles’ dog dies? I prefer the cookies

  2. I certainly hope not. I am sure that Ella makes cookies that taste as good as they look. By the way, be sure to tell her that I continue to practice making chili so that I can make some for her when she gets back home.

    1. I’ll hold off telling her this until it’s closer to our return date. We don’t want her drooling all over the house in Nantes. And, say, we will be paying some kind of bridge toll in order to come eat your chili?

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