Day 233 (18 February 2011) – Okay, Pig Brain

No, I’m not calling YOU, “Pig Brain” so please don’t take offense. I’m just saying that I agreed to use the pig brain picture for today’s post. So here you go, the package of pig brain that was available yesterday at the U Express. Seeing it there, I couldn’t resist taking its picture. Seeing it there, I couldn’t bring myself to purchasing it (although, as you might be able to see, it only cost 1.85 €).

So I got a little curious today about how one might go about preparing pig brain for one’s loving family, say, a family of four Americans living for a year in, say, France. I found Pig Brain Soup, from which I especially like this direction, “Add brain and season with salt and pepper.” That’s good advice for any chef making any recipe. For those of you wanting something with a little more substance, I suggest
Pig’s Brain & Eggplant Frittata. This recipe includes this always-helpful suggestion, “With your hands, remove the veins and membranes.” But my favorite may be this video entitled “How to Prepare Pig’s or Sheep’s Brain”. Let me just say that I’m not buying the accent.

Oh, regarding the video, and not to send too many chills down your spine, when she cuts the brain in half I had a little Hannibal/Silence of the Lambs moment. I bet some of you know what I’m talking about…

2 thoughts on “Day 233 (18 February 2011) – Okay, Pig Brain

  1. What a day for me to decide to check in and leave a comment! I am glad you decided just to photograph this and not prepare it for dinner. We have been missing you all here in Seattle and check in with the blog every so often – sorry not to have checked in sooner. Would love to hear more about how you are doing. :)Julie

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