Day 232 (17 February 2011) – Le Parc de la Gaudinière

Another gorgeous day today and another blog posting featuring one of the beautiful parks in Nantes. This one Melinda and I came upon sort of by accident today. Not that we didn’t know it existed, it’s just we entered it spontaneously while looking for a branch of our French bank. We had some basic directions to the bank (actually, nothing more than the name of a bus stop) and set off on foot from our house early this afternoon, immersed in the nearly 60 degree weather under clear blue skies. We walked along a road that was closed to traffic so it could be washed. We passed by a beautiful old church. Then we arrived at the corner where Le Parc de la Gaudinière is situated. With the bank nowhere in sight, Melinda suggested we take a look.

We walked in to the sight of these two swans swim-chasing a goose off of a serene pond. A man was cheering them on in a kind of comical way. We continued on up a trail, passed a lovely children’s play area and ultimately found another exit/entrance. We looked at a sign indicating the park’s hours and got a big kick out of its spring hours as being listed as from mid-January to mid-March. After that, it’s summer hours until October. Now these are seasons Melinda can really get behind!

Short post script – My other idea for today’s post was based on a picture I took late this afternoon a the U Express, our neighborhood grocery store. What are they selling today as food? Pig brain!

Short post script #2 – Yes, we did find the bank.

Your thoughts?

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