Day 235 (20 February 2011) – Bill and Me

Things Bill Gates and I have in common:
– We’re both from Seattle.
– We both married someone named Melinda.

Okay, granted, that’s not that many things in common. But you’ve got to admit, these two things are pretty significant similarities. In fact, I’m going to be so bold as to say that the “We’re From Seattle and Married Someone Named Melinda Club” has very few members. I just may set up a Meet-up or something and see if anyone other than Bill and me show up. I’m thinking the club just may be that small.

But here’s the kicker. Do you remember Melinda Gates’ birth name? That’s right. It’s Melinda French. And my Melinda speaks French, so there! And we’re in France, so double-there! I’m telling you, there is something to this connection. But I just am not sure what it means.

Oh, my Melinda, the one who speaks French, and I were walking in the center of Nantes this afternoon and passed this billboard advertising the latest issue of “Management” magazine. Seeing Bill’s face got me thinking of these striking similarities so I quickly snapped this picture for today’s blog post. That big word there, “L’argent,” means money. And the subheading translates as “How to talk about a taboo subject.”

Yeah, that’s one thing ol’ Bill and I don’t have in common. L’argent.

4 thoughts on “Day 235 (20 February 2011) – Bill and Me

  1. What about that French word, entrepeneur? He started a company… you started a school… both were successful (using whatever standard works for you!)

      1. Absolutely! And you both work on changing the world of education…just in somewhat different ways.

        I think you should start that group and send him in an invitation to join. 🙂

        (I doubt he’s ever taken a year of sabbatical, if that’s any consolation for the difference in “L’argent.” 🙂

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