Day 236 (21 February 2011) – Whoui Spik In Glisch

Melinda and I came upon this sign while walking in the center of town yesterday, a section known as Bouffay. This is a great section of town if you’re hungry because there are a huge number of restaurants there. And you can think about them this way. It doesn’t matter what the specialty of the restaurant is, they’re all French restaurants, you know? Meaning that they’re all good.

So we were wandering around in Bouffay yesterday considering restaurants for lunch. I was lobbying that we go to a French restaurant that serves Japanese food, sushi sounding really good to me. Melinda wasn’t as interested so we kept walking. We reviewed a number of the placards out front that list the specials and most of what’s on the menu. But either the prices were higher than we wanted to pay or the food wasn’t quite what we wanted. At the end of one street we found this restaurant with this handwritten expression acoss the top of their placard. It gave us a big chuckle so I took this picture.

Now I admit we did not go inside to have it proven to us that they do speak English. We weren’t that interested in their menu (“huîtres” by the way is oysters). But we did give them credit for trying to appeal to English speakers. Oh, my favorite of the four words is the clever spelling of “We.”

What did we settle on for lunch? A couple of sandwiches from a bakery that we enjoyed while continuing our walk around town. Less than 5€, too.

One thought on “Day 236 (21 February 2011) – Whoui Spik In Glisch

  1. All French restaurants, you say?
    We tried a Vietnamese Restaurant in Lyon once, because we had an itch for Pho’ — just like back home in Seattle. Why of course, the French were down that way when it was called French Indochina, so how could we go wrong?

    Half the anonymous Pho’ shops on Rainier Avenue South make better food.

    Now every other meal we had in Lyon and France were great, but you can strike out even in France and even in the gastronomical capital of France.

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