Day 238 (23 February 2011) – Raclette

We first had raclette several months ago when visiting our next door neighbors, Philippe & Cécile and family (Laura’s family, if that helps with precision. Speaking of Laura, she is in Washington D.C. right now and just posted on Chloe’s Facebook wall that she took our advice and tried root beer. We’re not sure what she thought of it but are guessing she didn’t like it…). Prior to coming to France I can’t say I’d ever heard of raclette. But then several people told us about it and how much fun it is. Kids especially like it.

Basically, there is this appliance that you set in the center of the table that heats up. You put square size slices of cheese in these square-sized trays, and then put these on the appliance until they start to melt. Then you scrape the melted cheese onto your plate, on which you have already put some small potatoes and thinly sliced meats. You can also heat meats and other things on the top of the appliance. I concur, it is a lot of fun and so different from anything I recall seeing in the U.S.

Today’s picture is actually from a time a month or two ago when we served raclette at our house (it has become one of Ella’s favorites). We found a raclette device (maker?) in the basement. Of course you’ll recognize Melinda peering in at the raclette appliance (device?). That’s a tray with a slice of cheese in it right in front.

Intrigued by raclette? Check out this link about how to throw a raclette party.

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