Day 241 (26 February 2011) – Superman is Cleared for Lift-off

What’s that up ahead? Is it a house? Is it a shop? No, it’s a phone booth!

A phone booth? What’s a phone booth?

I can’t recall the last time I saw a phone booth in the U.S. that looked like this. It’s classic, don’t you think? And I also can’t remember the last time I used a phone booth (other than to change my clothes, of course). So imagine my surprise and crazy delight when I passed by this one in the midst of a Saturday morning stroll today. After finishing with some morning errands, Melinda jogged off and I decided to walk home along a different route than I’ve traveled before. There, just ahead, was this phone booth, just like going back in time.

Come to think of it, maybe this phone booth IS actually a time machine! Now that’s a story to consider.

Changing subjects, we leave early tomorrow for six days in Paris, a significant part of Chloe’s 18th birthday (which is Monday) celebration. 18 is THE big birthday in France and Chloe loved the thought of being able to say for the rest of her life that she spent her 18th birthday in Paris. Next Saturday we will leave Paris for Les Carroz in the French Alps where the Boudeaus have an apartment. They’ve generously invited us to spend a week with them there. The skiers among us (everyone but me) will get plenty of time to ski.

Me, I’ll likely go hunting for phone booths.

Your thoughts?

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