Day 240 (25 February 2011) – Among My Silly Mistakes

I wanted to pick up some Ziploc-style freezer bags this afternoon and went up to the U Express to see if they carried them. Looking through their plastic bag selection, I couldn’t find any that were clearly of the “Ziploc” variety. But I did find the box featured in the bottom of today’s photo. I had never seen anything like it before and I could tell it is intended for freezer use. I know glaçons is ice and I figured the picture on the box was simply suggestive of freezer use. What the heck, I thought. I bought a box.

I got home, opened up the box, and discovered a kind of checker-pattern of squares within the plastic bag. Indeed, this is a plastic bag designed to be filled with water and put in the freezer in order to make ice cubes. Very clever. Chloe laughed at me and suggested this would make a good blog post. Yes, nothing makes a better blog post than something that causes people to laugh at me.

Anyway, this got me thinking of some of the other silly things I’ve said or done. There was that time I tried to order 100 bottles of Pellegrino. And yesterday at the pharmacy I asked for some Ibuprofene, 2000 mg tablets. Now those would knock-out a headache… Bet it would take 100 bottles of Pelligrino to wash them down, though, and you’d certainly want that Pellegrino over ice made in plastic bags.

There,. Now are you laughing at me or with me? Frédérique??

One thought on “Day 240 (25 February 2011) – Among My Silly Mistakes

  1. Well, there must be other things that could be frozen in your bags other than water – what about lime juice cubes or tonic cubes to float in your gin. Koolaid cubes would be fun to float in your glasses of water. Kids party, eh!

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