Day 266 (23 March 2011) – Dining at the Lunch Truck

Ella said she’s been wanting to “dine” at a lunch truck and today seemed like the perfect day. First, it’s Wednesday so she only has a half day of school. On top of that, it’s a beautiful day today, in the mid 60’s, making eating outside ideal. Third, well, I guess I don’t really have a third, unless you think hanging out with Melinda & me and meeting Chloe at the edge of the University of Nantes campus constitutes another reason that made today a perfect day for dining at the lunch truck. You’ll have to ask Ella.

So, yes, this particular lunch truck sets up right on the edge of the University of Nantes campus, just a few strides from the tram stop Chloe uses to get to school. Initially, it was just going to be Ella, Melinda and me but while we were on our way Chloe called and was able to join us. She recommended the “L’Americain Avec Frites,” saying it was excellent. Apparently, that was enough to convince all of us so I ordered four, not really knowing what to expect. It turns out to be a baguette filled with a hamburger patty cut into quarters and french fries. That’s right, the American sandwich is made up of hamburger AND fries on a baguette (are you getting this – the fries are ON the sandwich). I referred to it as the anti-Atkins sandwich.

So you know, I’d order something different next time we dine at the lunch truck, maybe the cheeseburger listed on the menu. I think when eating a hamburger/french fry sandwich I need me some cheese. ON the sandwich.

Your thoughts?

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