Day 267 (24 March 2011) – Passage Pommeraye

Two things to note today. First, this self-portrait was taken a couple of days ago when Melinda and I were in the center of town. We spent some time at the Passage Pommeraye, another of the famous landmarks in Nantes. It’s referred to as a shopping mall, but I have to say that I find that to be a complete insult to its beauty and charm. I mean, can anything be called a shopping mall that was built in the 1840’s? For you US history buffs, that means it was around before the Civil War, before Lincoln was killed. That means it’s been around since before Chloe was born, too! Hard to imagine a shopping mall pre-dating Chloe… Okay, okay, most malls in the Seattle area pre-date Chloe. But Abraham Lincoln? None in Seattle, I dare say.

Okay, second, what do you think of the Polaroid effect on today’s photo? Melinda and I have been working on the launch of our Kind Living project (the first newsletter goes out on April 1 – sign up here) and she wants the images we use to have a vintage feel. She found this nifty little photo manipulation software called ToyCamera that fits the bill and I used it on today’s photo. Pretty cool!

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