Day 269 (26 March 2011) – In Which I Make Reference to Possum Stew

First, I have to admit that we (read: I) didn’t eat the quail eggs yesterday. I’m having them tonight as part of a salad. Once we got everything rolling with dinner last night, especially when Melinda made herself some scrambled eggs of the chicken variety, quail eggs had less appeal. She didn’t want leftover duck-lentil stew, I guess, even though it’s just as good, if not better, the second time (like possum stew, right Scott?). Anyway, I just got back from a quick walk to our neighborhood store. It’s a glorious evening, in the upper 60’s. Our next door neighbor, who spends the weekend working on motorcycles, & I chatted for a few minutes (in French). He has a daughter in Montréal where, he said, it’s minus 10 degrees (celsius). We’re at 19 (celsius) in Nantes. We agreed that we like it here.

The baguette in my hands is warm from the oven. And I’m wearing a backpack full of groceries (remember, the stores are closed on Sundays so I picked up some produce and chicken for tomorrow). I also picked up a small can of coq au vin. I just can’t help myself. Coq au vin… in a can… It has such a nice ring to it.

Oh, one more thing. Chloe is trying to forbid me from bringing rabbit into the house for the purpose of consuming it. I may have to try it while she’s at school.

Your thoughts?

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