Day 268 (25 March 2011) – Quail Eggs

I realize that I quite often post about the crazy food items I find (pig brain, which I did NOT try, being the craziest I’ve seen, at least according to me). Yesterday at the store I spotted hard-boiled quail eggs in the “exotic foods” section, part of the meat department at Leclerc. While at the store I couldn’t remember the English translation for “cailles” (quail, I now know), but decided to buy them anyway. They will be offered as part of tonight’s dinner, along with the leftovers of the week and a caprese salad I am fixing. I may add the smoked duck I bought with the quail eggs, perhaps as part of tonight’s apéritif. It is Friday, after all, so I’m thinking we should up the food experimenting a notch.

Speaking of food experimenting, near the quail eggs and smoked duck, but not technically in with the exotic foods, was rabbit. I really want to try it but the rest of the family is against it. I spotted a small cut of rabbit meat, all vacuumed sealed and ready for me. It looked kind of like a chicken breast. But I didn’t buy it. The quail eggs and smoked duck were enough for this trip. Oh, and the steak tartare, of course.

6 thoughts on “Day 268 (25 March 2011) – Quail Eggs

  1. My husband and I just went to an eight course meal, one course of which was rabbit. It did not taste like the rabbits my brother and father shot and my mother cooked. It was served in strips and was crispy on the outside and did indeed taste a bit like chicken. However, do not let my comments suggest that you should impose rabbit on your family – quite the contrary I would suggest you sample it at a restaurant or on an evening when you are home alone! It is tasty but not something that everyone really needs the experience of eating, in my opinion.

  2. Do you not remember eating rabbit when you were a boy? We had it a number of times. I wouldn’t say I was crazy about it but it was OK.

    1. Really? Was this in Irvington? I don’t remember it all. I remember raising rabbits, of course, playing one for Halloween, watching cartoon rabbits on television. But I do not remember eating rabbit.

      1. This was not in Irvington – the best ice cream place in the vicinity of Omaha. But Dad would occasionally come home with some rabbit that he purchased at a grocery store – most often in south Omaha. We would have it just like any other meal. It DID NOT taste just like chicken! We never ate any of our rabbits.

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