Day 272 (29 March 2011) – U Express Update (More)

The work on which I’ve been reporting about our neighborhood grocery store’s exterior remodel continues. On February 15th I referred to this work as a “facelift.” We had no idea how significant of a facelift it would be, nor how long the facelift would take to complete. On February 22nd I talked about the glass-enclosed entrance that had been added. In today’s photo you can see the fancy panels that have been added to either side of the entrance, attached to the vertical posts to which I made reference on March 13th. Melinda suggested this morning that the panels and the posts combine to form a kind of nature scene, something like trees. The posts are trunks and the panels imply leaves. I can see that, but I doubt that you can from this photo. I suggest trusting Melinda, though. She’s pretty sharp when it comes to things like this. In fact, she spotted the installation of some kind of decorative lighting behind the panels. I’ll be sure to get a photo of that and tell you all about it once it’s activated.

I know. Yawn, yawn, yawn. But, hey, it’s interesting to us!

3 thoughts on “Day 272 (29 March 2011) – U Express Update (More)

  1. actually quite nice, a vast improvement since we were there (on the exterior) but is the smell still there?

    1. Ah, the smell. Sometimes, yes. A little work has been done to the side of the building but the fishy smell is still there on some days… Melinda still holds her breath.

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