Day 273 (30 March 2011) – I’m Taking the Credit

Back last summer, when we first arrived in France and wanted to make homemade tacos or burritos or anything that might sound remotely Mexican, we had to get creative with spices and get lucky finding tortillas. As an example, when Romain came to visit us when we were in Pornichet last July, the Mexican food stars aligned and I put together a fine taco dinner. He seemed to really enjoy it (or was just being his usual polite self). But I’m thinking he started talking up that Mexican meal. You see, soon thereafter I started seeing “Old El Paso” brand Mexican food kits on the shelves in the large grocery stores. And by “on the shelves,” I mean a single package tucked away somewhere on a bottom shelf. But, hey, it was progress. Now just look at today’s photo, taken about two hours ago at Leclerc! The Old El Paso offerings have spread from the bottom shelf to the top as well as out wide. Mexican food has made it to France (or at least the quick-to-fix store-bought variety for lazy chefs)! Old El Paso even made it to a coveted end aisle display. And of great significance, the brand is now being stocked at our small neighborhood grocery store, the U Express.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m taking the credit (maybe giving a little to Romain).

7 thoughts on “Day 273 (30 March 2011) – I’m Taking the Credit

  1. So are you taking credit for Americanizing France?? Old El Paso products line our stores of course. Why did you do it? Shame!

      1. I suggest you just beat a hasty retreat to home before you are discovered! Although you could consider going into hide-out!

  2. Sorry you don’t qualify – you have to be a multi milionaire. You could try a disguise though, a bat cape to cover up under when you go past the Old El Paso aisle for example. Good luck!

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