Day 276 (2 April 2011) – One, Two…

…Three! Yes, three. If you look closely at my lips, you can tell that’s what I was saying when I snapped this picture today. Melinda looks ready, but I don’t, which is kind of funny when you know I’m the one counting and taking the picture. But I’ve taken so many pictures in France where I think everyone is ready, only to have someone complain that they weren’t, that I’ve taken to counting and snapping the picture on three. Problem is, when I’m in the picture and counting to three, and snapping on three, I get this result. I know, it’s all so complicated. Or at least I’m just making it out that way.

I could simplify things, perhaps. Keep my 1, 2, 3 thing going and snap a half beat later or something. But then I wonder if it truly would simplify things. What if Melinda or one of the girls looked away in that half beat, thinking I had snapped on three. I guess I’ll have to stay up late again trying to figure it all out.

Who knew counting to three could be so hard!?

Your thoughts?

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