Day 275 (1 April 2011) – Kind Living & the Fish of April?

Christine, who has been learning all about our Kind Living launch in her every-other-day workouts with Melinda, suggested she and Bernard come over tonight with a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Today’s photo commemorates the toast and acknowledges Kind Living, something we’ve literally put hours and hours into getting started (don’t worry, it’s all been fun). Go take a look at our website, designed by Melinda. And especially go read the first entry on our Kind Living blog (spoiler alert – it’s about Melinda and me).

Now regarding that fish reference in the title, April Fool’s Day in France is called Le Poisson d’Avril (yup, The Fish of April). Apparently, the schoolyard joke here is to tape paper fish to people’s backs. And rumor has it that the whole concept of pulling pranks originated in France so this is the real deal stuff. Still, I think the PSCS staff pulled off a pretty good April Fool’s prank today. Jimmy Carter. Girls basketball team. Multibillionaire. Funny stuff.

Your thoughts?

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