Day 281 (7 April 2011) – Modes of Transportation

Nice car, eh? Melinda & I were waiting for Ella to come out of school and this beauty drove in and then out again. I did not see any kids inside the car, but at least one on the outside whistled as it passed. The car got me thinking about several things, one of them being James Bond (don’t you think Bond drove a car like this?).

It also got me thinking about Melinda’s and my day of transportation. We rode 3 different busses and Line 2 of the tram several times. We went all over town, enjoying ourselves all the while. But it wasn’t until I saw this car that I started thinking more about the style of transportation. I concluded that the Nantes public transportation system has a certain style, yes, but it is far different than this car’s. And I’ll tell you. Throughout our travels today we never once had to look for a parking place. The driver of this car didn’t have that luxury. James Bond didn’t have that luxury.

Now George Jetson…

Oh, it hit 79 degrees today. Now that’s style!

One thought on “Day 281 (7 April 2011) – Modes of Transportation

  1. Dad went hiking today and it snowed most of the time. There was snow on the ground in Sammamish all day!! It’s not really April, is it?

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