Day 282 (8 April 2011) – Pool Boy

So the “pool boy” got in the water this morning to clean the pool. Given today is our third day in a row with temperatures in the mid 70’s or above, the time seemed overdue to do the “vacuuming out” of the leaves and other grit that had collected in the pool over the winter. There was some mild algae growth so the “boy” scrubbed that away, too.

He got into the water up to his armpits at one point, no small feat considering the pool heater has not yet been turned on (and probably won’t be until May – to turn it on, we have to turn off the heat to the house). According to the gauge, the pool temperature was a cool 19 (about 66 in Fahrenheit), actually not that bad. The air temperature at the time the “pool boy” was in was around 60. You’ve got to give him some credit.

Regarding this weather we’ve been having… Christine told us it’s very odd to be so warm in April so we’re trying not to get used to it. But the forecast for the weekend remains very nice, around 70 or just above. In celebration, I brought out the lawn furniture. Undoubtedly, that will bring back the rain and cold temperatures… And scare the “pool boy” away.

3 thoughts on “Day 282 (8 April 2011) – Pool Boy

  1. What a brave boy you are! I’m not sure I would stay in 66 degree water long enough to make a dent on winter debris. Proud of you.

    1. And how about those girls the next day!? Celeste was playing in the pool, going under water. And Ella just jumped in. Then they both scrubbed the water line. Me, I never went under…

  2. Ah, the young are always exuberant or shall we say foolhardy! Luckily many hands make light work. In three days time we head south and into 70 degree days again! It is supposed to lightly snow for us today – a parting reminder of our wonderful snow this winter.

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