Day 283 (9 April 2011) – Pool Girls

Another day in the mid-70’s so we continued to get the pool ready for the summer (which seems to have arrived already!). Chloe sat sunning herself while Celeste and Ella hopped in the unheated pool to do some scrubbing. Truth be told, Celeste, once referred to here as the Little Mermaid, had been swimming around in the unheated pool for 15 minutes or so before we handed her a sponge. Ella decided to take the plunge, literally. She jumped in, as opposed to easing herself in. When she surfaced, she said something to the effect of, “Arghughafgh.” And I think that’s a direct quote, spelled correctly.

Additional truth being told, I was also in the pool, lest you think I’m a supporter of child labor. And who can call anything you do in a pool on a 75 degree day labor, anyway? Just look at them. Don’t you think they are having fun, blue lips aside?!

We are enjoying Celeste’s company all weekend. Her parents, Christine & Bernard, are away and Celeste requested that she stay with us. She came fully equipped with movies, too. Last night we watched “The Breakfast Club” and tonight it’s “16 Candles.” Nothing like a young French girl to show up with American movies from the 80’s to remind you that you’re not in Kansas anymore. 😉

Your thoughts?

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