Day 285 (11 April 2011) – Look, it’s Dana!

That’s right! Our friend and colleague from Seattle, Dana, arrived in Nantes this afternoon and will be spending the next few nights with us. Dana is an art teacher in Seattle and serves as the PSCS board president. We are excited to get caught up on all things Seattle-related, and are already having fun doing so. I admit that a fair amount of the conversation so far surrounds PSCS news. Between sound bites, though, we are learning about her trip to Paris over the weekend where her cousin & family live.

As a regular reader of the blog, Dana seems to be getting a kick out of seeing things I’ve featured. Exhibit A, today’s photo. There she is under the new U Express sign. Like the rest of us, the sign obviously induces a big smile. In her hands? Yup, that’s a baguette from Lefort, part of tonight’s dinner. Prior to that, we took her out on Line 2 to Leclerc where she got to see a caddy at work, operate the self-scanner, and be fascinated by the design of the shopping cart, specifically how it doesn’t slide down the inclined moving stairway.

These things were once new to Melinda and me, too, so it’s fun to have a friend from home experience them. As Dana said, “Seeing how things work in another country is so much fun!”

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