Day 286 (12 April 2011) – Here’s Looking At You!

Who are we looking at? We are looking at Dana, who was kind enough to take our picture. Where are we? At the Nantes racetrack, enjoying a sunny afternoon of racing. What are we doing? Having a little something, as Winnie-the-Pooh might say, although I don’t recall him sampling much red wine (like Melinda) or indulging in a Kir Cassis (like me).

So here’s the pre-story. Late this morning I asked Dana what she would prefer, going to see the last two races for free, or going to the track to see ALL of the races and paying the admission. Like the perfect houseguest that she is, she said, “I was kinda hoping to see all of the races.” Right answer! 10 points for Dana. Perfect houseguest rating. And she didn’t even need to use her 50-50 or phone a friend.

If you look closely at the photo you will notice that we are a little more bundled up than we were over the weekend (when we were doing “pool work”). The balmy weather retreated yesterday and we’ve had a bit of mist and foggy mornings. But it did burn off today and reveal sunny skies, albeit remain a bit chilly. In American terms, the high today was right around 60, a far cry from pushing 80 like we did on Saturday.

Still, 60 and sunny for a day watching horses race each other? An A+ in my record book.

Your thoughts?

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