Day 292 (18 April 2011) – London!

Last night Ella and a few dozen classmates left school by bus for a week in London. This trip has been pointed to for months and months, perhaps Ella’s highlight of the school year. Chloe is extremely jealous, not just because Ella has now made it to England before her but because of her visiting just before the royal wedding. Chloe is sure Ella is going to see things about the wedding she wishes she could see.

We’ve received a few text messages from Ella today. The first came just after 6am as they boarded a ferry to take them from France to England. Another message indicated that the head teacher on the trip had forgotten her passport and had to head back to Nantes by train. Whoops! If she is to join them she will have to fly to England. Ella also explained being the only student who had to exit the bus to go through customs, given her status as an American. She was excited to say she got her passport stamped. Other messages indicated the group’s safe arrival in England, a visit to a church, and stopping for lunch.

Today’s photo was taken last night, just before Ella boarded the bus at school. She was gracious enough to offer each of us and a goodbye hug and kiss. Other than that, I think we embarrassed her quite properly.

One thought on “Day 292 (18 April 2011) – London!

  1. What timing! I can only imagine how exciting this must be for Ella. Glad you’ll get to “tag along” virtually, at least to the extent of getting a text message now and again. 😀

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