Day 293 (19 April 2011) – Sympathy For Our Seattle Friends Only Goes So Far

Today’s photo is a screenshot I took exactly 3 minutes ago listing up-to-the-minute information about Nantes, including the current temperature (I changed it so it would display in Fahrenheit). Yes, at 5:25pm it’s 75 degrees in Nantes, replicating the weather we had a week and a half ago. Melinda and I just came in from spending two hours outside. We were sipping cool drinks and reading. I even went in the unheated pool, and not for cleaning purposes this time but to cool off. It was refreshing.

I read in The Seattle Times today that it is the coldest April on record, apparently a great thing for moss (who knew?). Melinda chatted with her sister last night who told her about the cold, cold weather back home. Sitting by the pool today with an iced coffee in hand Melinda said to me, “Well, if the US dollar is going to continue to slide against the Euro, I’m going to see it as us buying ourselves a little warm weather and sunshine.”

When she said that I got the idea for today’s post. Yes, our sympathy is with you, Seattle, but only up to a point. We are going to enjoy our super weather here to its fullest.

3 thoughts on “Day 293 (19 April 2011) – Sympathy For Our Seattle Friends Only Goes So Far

  1. I see our problem! You have “passing clouds”. The clouds here in Seattle don’t seem to pass by they seem to just hang around in large packs and occasionally leak a little drizzle. I do have to chuckle at the folks who try to eradicate moss. For me it makes a lovely carpet to sit on in the yard, but maybe not such a safe covering on paths.

  2. if you change the “A” in pass to a different vowel, it describes what the clouds in Seattle do most of the time

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