Day 294 (20 April 2011) – The Catch-All Post

By catch-all, I mean to provide quick updates on several things that are happening in our lives.

First, we’re having another wonderful day in Nantes, temperatures again in the mid 70’s. Melinda and I ate our lunch outside, next to the pool. I haven’t gone in yet, having come inside to write this post, but I intend to. I can’t begin to express how wonderful this weather is for us. It’s like taking a spring break trip to California, or even Mexico, without having to leave the house.

Chloe had her usual French class at the University of Nantes this morning. Her French is getting better and better, and she continually is being complimented for it. The most recent compliment came today from a teenage neighbor. Right now she is babysitting, due home before dinner.

Ella continues to be having a great time in London with her classmates. Yesterday they toured a church and took time out for shopping. She likes her host family and appreciated the Indian curry she had for dinner.

Today’s photo was taken by Frédérique on Sunday just after Laurent had finished the marathon. He was stretching and rather than take a picture of him doing that, Frédérique situated Melinda and me in front of the famous Nantes elephant. It’s a great shot, don’t you think?

Your thoughts?

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