Day 300 (26 April 2011) – Paris is Nice But Nice is Not Paris

We left nice Paris this morning at 7am, taking a nice 75 minute airplane ride to nice Nice. We gathered our bearings and took a nice bus from the nice Nice airport to town. We boarded the nice Nice tram for a nice ride to the nice Nice train station where we stored our nice bags for the day. We walked to a nice Nice sidewalk café where we relaxed over nice drinks. The nice sun came out in nice Nice making the day in Nice itself quite nice. We walked to what Rick Steves calls “Old Nice” (quite nice) where we had a nice lunch at a nice Nice restaurant, also recommended by Rick Steves. We think he’s nice and he thinks Nice is nice. Nice has multiple nice gelato shops so we all each had a nice scoop of nice gelato in front of a nice Nice church. We then walked to the nice Nice beach, on the very nice Mediterranean, part of the extremely nice French Riviera. Mid-afternoon, we checked into our nice Nice apartment where we will be living until Friday, what we anticipate will be a nice Nice day, just like today.

Thinking about this, imagine what I could do with a blog post if Stephanie, Tammy, Olivia or Perrin (my nieces) came to visit! Maybe one will come, just so I could say, “I bet you can’t guess which nice niece is visiting my nice family in Nice.”


3 thoughts on “Day 300 (26 April 2011) – Paris is Nice But Nice is Not Paris

  1. Silly? You used that word before but seems you had to go to nice Nice to prove that nice Nice drinks would bring out your niceness or is it Niceness????

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