Day 304 (30 April 2011) – In Italy Our French is Fluent!

We have discovered that our French comes much easier to us now that we are in Italy. For instance, last night as we were sitting at an outdoor table at a pizzeria reviewing the Italian menu and anticipating we’d have to order in Italian, we were sure we could speak perfect French. Ella summed it up best then when she said, “I think we’re fluent in French in every country but France!”

That’s exactly right, and her summation made me laugh out loud.

Still, we managed to order a caprese salad and three pizzas. We even ordered a dessert and some wine. As it turned out, the server, the cook, and everyone at the restaurant was happy to assist us in spending money at their restaurant. It helped that they all spoke English and that we had a couple of pages of Italian phrases for travelers in our hands. Okay, it helped that they all spoke English.

I took today’s photo last night just after dinner. We went for a walk (we had three pizzas to digest and walk off) and stopped at the harbor for a little rock climbing. The girls crawled out onto this big rock and I got into position to snap this picture (and about a hundred others that didn’t work so well…).

Your thoughts?

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