Day 303 (29 April 2011) – “Italian” Sabbatical

Now that we all managed to get Kate and Will hitched we can properly focus on more important things. Although if you are Chloe, there are few things more important. She was lamenting the fact that we left Nice this morning and our apartment’s cable TV system set up to view channels from England. The wall-to-wall Royal Wedding coverage captivated her. We had to pry her away.

So, yes, we left Nice this morning and traveled for 5 hours on a series of trains that took us through great towns like Monaco/Monte Carlo and Genoa before arriving in the Cinque Terre region of Italy, which is where we will be spending the next four days. Specifically, we are staying in the town of Vernazza. Today’s photo was taken shortly after we checked in to our rooms, two that are in the attic of a lovely building overlooking the harbor. We checked in, got unpacked, and then went for a short walk along the beachfront. We then walked away from the beach into the small town itself, stopping for the obligatory gelato along the way. Chloe & Ella have suggested that we try every gelato shop in town in order to determine the best one. Clever thinking.

This is an incredible place, absolutely gorgeous, and I’m not just talking about the gelato. Every time you turn around is another incredible photo opportunity. And I’m not just talking about the gelato.

One thought on “Day 303 (29 April 2011) – “Italian” Sabbatical

  1. Hey, if that ploy worked with the whole “best cheeseburger” thing, why not try it again with gelato? Wish I could join you in seeking out the best one! 🙂

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