Day 308 (4 May 2011) – Full Day in Florence

First, to set the record straight, let me just say that we REALLY did meet Rick Steves yesterday. The photo I posted is legitimate. It was neither Photoshopped nor a cardboard cut-out. It was the man himself who just happened to be at the exact same place in Italy (the tiny train station in Vernazza) as the four of us. Read about HIS Italian adventures on HIS blog.

Oh, I made up the stuff about trading Melinda for Rick Steves.

Now about today… Last night Chloe created our To Do list. It involved seeing David (alas, the line was way too long so we skipped it), eating lunch, shopping (Ella & I each scored two scarves, Chloe bought a purse, while Melinda, like Charlie Brown, got a rock), eating gelato, climbing the Dome at the Florence Cathedral (did it, all 463 steps each way — Ella & I got dizzy at the top), eating dinner (very good pizza), and various other times to eat (the cannoli was good and the desserts we bought at an Italian bakery were delicious).

Today’s photo is on the walkway at the top of the dome. If it’s a little fuzzy it’s because I was dizzy.

3 thoughts on “Day 308 (4 May 2011) – Full Day in Florence

  1. Oh, I am so relieved that you were just kidding about exchanging Rick Steves for Melinda… I was really worried…. I thought you had baked your brains too long in the Mediterranean Sun! 😀

  2. I just looked at Rick Steves’ blog and saw that he visited his son, ANDY, in Florence. Have you switched families too??

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