Day 310 (6 May 2011) – First Class

That’s right. Nothing is too good for Melinda’s family. When she bought our Paris-CDG to Nantes train tickets some time ago she was able to score first class tickets. Today’s photo was taken on the train tonight as we made our way home. We had our own little compartment for the 3 hour trip.

I took this picture to try to capture the first class splendor. You can see me there on the right with my cell phone camera, a reflection of me in the glass that helped enclose us. Chloe is busy reviewing the 1000+ photos we took on our vacation (expect some of these to show up on her Facebook page). Melinda is following along with her. Ella, also in reflection, is re-familiarizing herself with the Internet capabilities of her French cell phone now that we are back in France. She is reading fan fiction and has been ever since we landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris from Milan.

Speaking of our travel, today has been a tiring day. We sat in the Milan airport for several hours, our flight to Paris having been delayed by nearly two hours due to a strike in Italy. We had hoped to arrive in Paris in time to take an earlier train home to Nantes, but that hope went out the window with the delay in Milan. That gave us three hours to kill at Charles de Gaulle. We spent it telling each other how much we love France.

It really is remarkable (hence these remarks) how comfortable we have gotten in France. Being in Italy, where we spoke and understood no Italian, helped us realize that we really do know *some* French. What we really know is how to get around in France. What we REALLY know is that we love France.

We also like traveling first class, especially after a long day of sitting in airports.

One thought on “Day 310 (6 May 2011) – First Class

  1. When I go to France someday, I’m taking Melinda with me so she can get me some of those tickets too. 🙂 (Not to mention I don’t speak French so…let’s just say she’d be quite handy! :D)

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