Day 313 (9 May 2011) – My Chef

My chef does not seem so pleased here. Is it because I’ve ordered a special meal? Maybe I sent back what she fixed? Does it have to do with my manners? Just what could be making my chef look like this?

Well, truth be told, this picture was taken last Friday in the Milan airport, right after we’d learned our flight had been delayed an hour (but before we learned it would be delayed another hour). We had all just eaten a bag of potato chips, thinking we’d eat a real lunch once we arrived in Paris. You’d think my chef would take this opportunity to get creative with the menu.

But just what can one do in the Milan airport to pass the time? Chloe and Ella not only decided to take a bunch of silly photos, they got caught up on Italian gossip by reading some Italian magazines. Or, more accurately, they looked at the pictures in some Italian magazines.

Returning to my chef, she has indicated right now that she is hungry so I’m off to fix walnut-chicken for her. Isn’t that backwards? Why am I fixing dinner for my chef??

Your thoughts?

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