Day 314 (10 May 2011) – My Spring Scarf

I’m the first to admit that this is not the most flattering photo of me. I took it this afternoon while sitting on the tram, Melinda and me heading home from a shopping trip at Leclerc. I had the bright idea to try to take a self-portrait that not only showed off my Italian scarf, but the fact that I’m wearing my summer hat and a plaid shirt (the combination about killed Chloe). On top of that, I was trying to include my caddy, which was filled with grocery items.

What I ended up getting was a picture that makes me look older than I feel. Oh well. What I see from the inside and what others see from the outside may be two different things. I’m fine with that.

But the post is about my scarf. It never occurred to me that a person, especially a male, would wear a scarf at any point in the year other than a cold winter day. But here in France it is quite common. And, like I said, we picked up this scarf for me while we were in Italy last week (Florence, to be precise). Not only that, we bought me two such scarves!

Perhaps another photo is in the works, one that not only shows my other scarf but better represents how I feel on the inside. I wonder what would be in that photo… Just the scarf? Or the scarf and a good-looking Frenchmen? Hmmm… I wonder…

2 thoughts on “Day 314 (10 May 2011) – My Spring Scarf

  1. the look on your face in this photo just screams out at me, “no, damn it; you can’t have orange, not now, not ever”

    1. You know, I think I should start a “caption the daily photo” contest! It seems the last two days are ripe for that. How would you caption yesterday’s “Top Chef” photo??

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